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Altea Research Institute

Altea Research Institute is a clinical research facility dedicated to improving the lives of patients through the advancement of safe and effective medication therapies. Founded in 2012, Altea Research Institute partners with major pharmaceutical sponsors to conduct clinical research trials for new medications and treatments primarily in the area of psychiatry. Altea Research Institute is conveniently located on West Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Clinical Trials create a new opportunity for patients to receive alternative or more varied treatment, and to get up close and personal treatment from health care professionals.  Often, clinical trials provide financially viable treatment options that may not have otherwise been available.  By participating in a clinical trial, you would be aiding health care officials in their efforts to advance medical knowledge and find new and better treatment options for patients.

The primary goal of all clinical trials is to determine that the new treatment is both effective and safe for patients.  A clinical trial may seek a cure or new methods to ease the lives of patients with chronic illnesses.  Participating in a clinical trial allows you to receive the most cutting edge treatment or procedures in the medical field, and to assist in helping other patients live longer and better quality lives.

Organizations such as the FDA and the Global International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use Good Clinical Practices (ICH GCP) set guidelines for the safety of patients during clinical trials.  For more information on patient safety during clinical trials, please visit http://www.fda.gov/aboutfda/whatwedo.

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