An Introduction to the Clinical Trials Database

An Introduction to the Clinical Trials Database

Feb 19, 2019

The National Registry of all clinical trials, which is referred to as, is meant to provide the public with information regarding all clinical research studies that are being regulated by the  Food and Drug administration (FDA). Since the general purpose of all clinical trials is to get a treatment or device approved by the FDA, all clinical trials fall under FDA regulation.

In 1997, Congress passed the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act, requiring all investigational studies, (clinical trails) be registered with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), so that study information could be made publicly available. In 2000, t National Library of Medicine on the NIH campus, launched, a public searchable database of all clinical trials in the U.S. and around the world that are subject to FDA regulation and are open to the public. Over the last two decades, various regulations and requirements have been implemented to ensure that more  studies are registered with NIH, making the website what it is today.  . Currently, clinical trials that are published in medical journals must be registered with the NIH.

The website provides information about current and past clinical research studies. Each study page has a summary of the study, what the study is investigating, eligibility criteria, locations the study is being conducted, and contact information so you can be connected to one of the research sites to enroll. Depending on how long it has been since the study was completed, there may also be a summary of the results of the study.



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