Symptoms of OIC

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Several physical and other symptoms are prevalent in sufferers of opioid induced constipation (OIC). Physicians usually will gather patient history information to check for standard problems associated with constipation such as too little fiber and fluid intake, too little exercise, underlying medical problems, and current medications. Be prepared for a physical assessment that requires oral, abdominal, and digital rectal examinations.

Symptoms of OIC include:

• Stools that are hard and dry
• Difficulty such as straining, forcing, and pain when defecating
• A constant feeling that you need to use the toilet
• Bloating, distention, or bulges in the abdomen
• Abdominal tenderness

Other symptoms of OIC include:

• Feeling and being sick
• Tiredness and lethargy
• Appetite loss
• Feeling depressed



Dec 05, 2013
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