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Schizophrenia Social Skill Training

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If you have schizophrenia, social skill training helps you get along better with other people in your daily life, at work, and in social situations. These classes can also help you develop skills for your personal relationships. Some class topics can include:

  • What is the right and wrong behavior in public places
  • Skills you need to talk successfully with others, including groups of people
  • How to find hobbies or other spare-time activities
  • Skills you need to make decisions and be responsible for your decisions
  • How to use public services, including transportation
  • Coping with frustrations
  • How to praise others
  • Skills you need to deal with criticism

Social skill training classes can also include specific types of education, for example classes on how to:

  • Deal with anger
  • Handle your money
  • Raise your children
  • Take care of your basic needs, such as bathing, grooming, and hygiene
  • Tell others what you want

In all of your classes, you will become aware of and try to change your symptoms of schizophrenia that may make it hard to interact with other people. Your training may help you to learn how to:

  • Talk as loudly or softly as needed
  • Smile, frown, or use facial expressions that fit the situation
  • Respond more quickly to others
  • Make better eye contact




Jul 18, 2013
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